This is Lars Ebeling's webserver at home.

It's mainly used as a hobby, and will probably always be under construction.

I will probably never drive my 2cv again!

Friday 27th of March 2009, I went to the doctor because I had som e problems with my left foot. Wednesday the 1st of April I woke up in the Intensive care unit. My left leg was amputated 15 cm above the knee.

Now it has been cold all 2010 until today (2/2). The snowclearance in the city of Halmstad is nonexisting. The streets and pavements are fill ed with slush. It is impossible to drive a wheelchair.


This winter starts like the last one ended. I.e. a lot of snow and slush on the pavements and streets.


I feel like being in a jail surrounded by white and high walls.


The winter never gives up, still temperatures below zero. But all the snow has disappeared.

2011-08-29 I have sold my 2CV.

My ex 2CV

2011-09-02 Life is unfair.

2011-11-09 Rearrangement of this side.

2011-11-09 When I was at home again from the hospital my HP-UX server crashed, since it is on the second floor, can't I reach it, so I asked my wife to turn the power off. But since it was my mailserver I had to find another solution. I tried Solaris for PC, but it was to complicated, and I hadn't the time. Instead I installed Ubuntu Server. On this server I now have postfix, spamassassin, clamav, apache and an unfinished version of xymon.

2011-11-09 Everywhere it says hobbit here it should be xymon, the owners of the rights to the name Hobbit(the makers of the movies?) didn't allow the use of it.

2011-11-26 Passed the CCNA3 test with 90%.

2011-12-17 Passed the CCNA4 test with 80%.

2011-12-25 Life sux.

2012-01-21 Begun a new course yesterday, Webprogramming.

2012-01-22 Passed the CCNA course with grade 4 (not passed, 3-5).

2012-02-04 This morning it was -17° C. But no snow to talk about.

Here you find some pictures from the golfcourse (Tönnersjö golfbana). After the amputation I quit golf.

I have spent some time with compiling and installing Hobbit on my network at home, but after my illness and my HP-UX server died, I haven't had any motivationto continue. Hobbit have changed name to Xymon after threats about lawsuits. Hobbit is a free system for monitoring servers and networks developed by Henrik Stoerner. If you want help in swedish about hobbit, write to lars[at]
More information about Hobbit could be found here

I finally succeeded in installing a script for photoalbums

I have also installed the free webstatisticssoftware Awstats. But it is passwordprotected at the moment.

My grandsons: Jacob and Victor

Hobbit status: (Doesn't work with IE).

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